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Who Clicked on your website?

  • See the companies visiting your website
  • View their journey page by page
  • Target their interests specifically
  • Create new business opportunities

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Who Clicked? is at the heart of growing your business

Our technology helps you find potential new customers by identifying companies visiting your website.

Having invested in your website and online marketing, it is now possible to measure how effective they are. You can see who is looking at your products or services and how people journey through your website. Market to and engage with companies, knowing the areas they are already interested in.

Cathy Knaggs

Cathy Knaggs

MD, Solutions Squared Ltd

“Who Clicked? has given us insight into the companies visiting our website. We can see what pages potential customers are viewing. We would recommend putting Who Clicked? on your website.”

The Renewable Energy Centre

Marketing Manager

The Renewable Energy Centre

“Using Who Clicked? we have been able to see that many schools and councils use our website to research information. We can also see how many companies are searching for product manufacturers and we can now use this information for marketing to our clients.”