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Who clicked on your website?

  • See the companies visiting your website
  • View their journey page by page
  • Target their interests specifically
  • Create new business opportunities

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About Who Clicked?

The team at Who Clicked? has been working within the internet industry since 2000. We are small but highly experienced and dedicated to offering our customers the best service possible, with a one-to-one approach.

As part of the UK250 Ltd group, Who Clicked? is the newest addition to a successful portfolio of websites.

The inspiration for establishing Who Clicked? came from the idea that it would be highly beneficial for our existing clients to be able to see what companies were looking at the pages on our own websites. We now regularly send out reports so that they can market to the companies who were interested in their products and services having visited our sites.

We then realised this information was highly valuable for any business and our service could be used to gain a great marketing advantage and ultimately generate new business.

The Who Clicked? Team

We are a small but highly motivated team dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ongoing support to all our clients. Each customer has a single point of contact with our Account Managers to ensure continuity and a high standard of support. Part of the great feedback we have received from our customers has been about how we are able to help analyse and interpret the information we provide for you.

The Who Clicked? system does provide a range of different ways to look at what is happening on your website and the actions you may be able to take as a result. We can help as much or as little as you need to get the most out of Who Clicked? for your business.