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  • See the companies visiting your website
  • View their journey page by page
  • Target their interests specifically
  • Create new business opportunities

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Who Clicked? Terms and Conditions

1. Terms of Usage: By taking a subscription with Who Clicked? you agree to the following conditions:

  • Payment: You agree to pay the required amount in full, as stated in the email we send out as confirmation of the service we will provide to you.
  • Visitor Numbers: Pricing is charged for less than 20,000 website visitors to a website during each month. In circumstances where websites have more than 20,000 website visitors in any one month we request a higher fee to accommodate the additional data requirements. WhoClicked reserves the right to increase the fee accordingly for every additional 20,000 visitors to your website in one calendar month.
  • After the trial period, if you don’t choose a paid subscription, access to your account will be disabled.
  • Copyright: You agree not to obtain or modify our source code. Anything downloaded from the Who Clicked? system, including code tags, is our property and must be used according to our instruction and must be removed upon request. The code may not be modified.
  • Restrictions: We will not provide our service to any site that we deem inappropriate. This includes sites that fall within the following categories:
    • Sexual
    • Violent
    • Illegal
    • Unethical

2. Use of Statistics: The statistics and data generated by Who Clicked? for your website are considered to be for your use and your property only. Who Clicked? may use your statistics and data for support, research and development, and other internal uses only. Who Clicked? will not disclose your statistics to any third party.

3. Termination: You may stop using the Who Clicked? service at any time after the minimum 12 month contract with a period of 30 days notice. For Direct Debit customers, payments will continue on a rolling monthly basis unless otherwise directed by the customer after the 12 month minimum period has ended. No refund will be made for part months after termination of subscription or periods before the next payment would be due. Clients choosing annual (or any other) subscription are not entitled to any refund after any one instance of either written agreement by letter or email to proceed, or actual payment made.

4. Termination by Who Clicked?: At any time and without notice, Who Clicked? may discontinue service for (i) any breach of this agreement (ii) to follow any applicable laws or regulations, (iii) if the user fails to make payments or (iv) for any other reason.

5. Liability: The Who Clicked? service is provided to you “as is”. We make no warranty as to the functionality, condition, quality, performance, or fitness for a particular purpose or use. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you accept that Who Clicked? is not responsible for:

  • Inaccuracy: Who Clicked? makes no guarantee as to the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information.
  • Interruption of Service: Who Clicked? makes no guarantees as to the availability of your statistics.
  • Security: Who Clicked? is not responsible if a third party gains access to any of your statistics.
  • Speed: Who Clicked? makes no guarantee as to the loading speed of our code tags or production of reports.
  • Damages: Who Clicked? is not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the use of our products.

6. Changes: Who Clicked? may make changes to these terms and conditions without notice.

This agreement will be enforced in accordance with England’s laws. By accepting the terms and conditions, you may use our service. If you have any questions then please email

Delivery Policy

This software functions solely via the internet and so there would be no physical delivery of a product. Emails, specifically emails related to payments and site access details are delivered electronically.

Cancellation, Returns and Refunds Policy

Who Clicked? reserves the right to cancel a purchase at any time and to fully refund the purchase cost. This may be necessary if a customer has purchased the wrong combination of products or services.